1. Create a consistent, curated social media feed

Sharing your professional photos will guarantee you a consistent social media look. Post a 3 in a row to start your beautiful new socials feed! Use hashtags and don't forget to tag me - this helps you gain a wider audience. Don't neglect your lesser used social media account, make sure you reflect the same brand on all accounts - consistently is key.

2.Update your website

We would've spent time making sure your photos align with your website vibes - make sure you start dropping in your beautiful images throughout your website (top tip: download and use the reduced size version to keep the speed of your website fast, essential for SEO!)

3. Introduce you/your team on socials

People LOVE to know who they're working with, introduce your team via a post/story/reel - whether it's just you or a team, posting a photo of who is behind the brand will create a connection with your ideal clients. Link back to your website bio page to increase traffic to your website.

4 . Use them for print products

Traditional marketing, but hear me out; these high quality images are made to be printed - update your business cards, branding. signage, flyers, thank-you cards and vouchers with your new branding photographs, if you require them!

5. Add to your headshot to your email footer/whatsapp profile

Similar to above, people love to see who they're talking to. A clear, good quality photo is so reassuring for new clients - professional, welcoming and relatable. Make sure you use the reduced size images for your email footer to avoid clogging up peoples inboxes.