A couple reasons why having your session as close to sunset as possible

  1. The light is STUNNING! Soft and flattering with golden tones, no harsh shadows across faces or squinty eyes, making every angle insta(or print!)-worthy. 

  1. The beaches have less people on them - summer can be mega busy in Devon. So let’s skip the crowds by visiting in the evening when the beach is quieter. 

Concerned about the kids being tired? I get it, keeping them up later can seem like an awful idea, but as a one-off, adjust naps times if need be, have a slightly later dinner, bring a little pick-me-up snack and be prepare with PJ’s in the car for the way home! Chances are they’ll LOVE being up late for a special treat. Pick a day in the diary that isn’t too busy and/or on the weekend when they can rest little the next day. 

OR If you have very early risers, you could opt for a morning session - the early bird catches the worm (and the glorious sun-rise). 

As always, I’m here to chat about any concerns you have about your session - lets make it work for all of us! Jasmine x 

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My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.