Finding the right photographer...

"HELP! We didn’t love our experience or the photos from our previous photographer”

This sucks, because nobody wants to spend money on a service they didn’t enjoy or reap the rewards of and I can totally get that there would be apprehension to try again. But, I’ll use restaurants as an example, no two are the same and if you had a bad meal, it wouldn’t put you off eating out for life - right?! Next time you ventured out to eat, you’d do a bit of research, maybe ask someone you trust for a recommendation (I’m 5* reviewed FYI 🫶🏽) and try and pinpoint what was lacking last time. 

Am I the perfect photographer for everyone? probably not.. But, If you can see yourself in my photos, you like my editing style, you like a smooth easy booking process with allll the information you could need for your session, someone on-call to answer any of your questions (before, during or after your session) and you like to have a good ol’ laugh, we are on to a winner! 

Lovely words from RC “We had the best time shooting with Jasmine. She gave us lots of info before the shoot on how to style clothes, what to wear and was always on hand for questions. During the shoot Jasmine helped us feel so relaxed. I'm over the moon with our photos and have proudly displayed them around the home. Jasmines the best!”