Let's make your session magical;

Prepare the family - Talk to your children about the upcoming session, explaining what will happen, how fun it will be and how they can participate. Encourage them to be themselves and have fun during the shoot. Please do not bribe them or tell them they need to do as they are told.

Wash and have outfits ready - Once washed and ironed put them aside (I’m more than happy to make suggestions or feedback on your outfits - please feel free to send me your ideas via Whatsapp!) 

Fake tan. If you're considering a fake tan for the session, please go for a shade that you know suits your skin tone - please don’t experiment this week! 

Distractions. Say no to distractions, yes to presence! Please leave any potential distractions like phones, iPads, or toys in the car. 

Food. Make sure everyone has their bellies filled before we begin. If you need to feed the little ones on the way, go for mess-free, stain-free, and easy-to-eat options. 

Water. There will be plenty of action, don't forget to grab your trusty water bottles to stay hydrated.

Sleep. Beauty sleep is no joke! Let's get those little rascals tucked in early the night before the session. If your session falls around their bedtime, consider adjusting naptime a bit. But hey, if they resist and refuse to snooze, don't fret. They always manage to summon their hidden energy reserves once they're out in the fresh air.

Clothes. Save the session outfits for the location. Trust me, your kids have a supernatural talent for turning their clothes into modern art within minutes of wearing them! Let's start fresh and clean, it won't last long, they will get messy so please consider packing extra, dry clothes for the drive home. Feel free to bring swimmers and a towel if you think the kids (or you) would like to take a dip! 

Arrive on time. Timely arrivals for perfect lighting! We've scheduled the session in sync with the sunrise or sunset, so it's vital that you arrive on time. We don't want to miss that gorgeous natural light, the sun waits for no one! If you are held up, please let me know. 

Body checks. Conduct a thorough inspection for any unwanted accessories like rogue hairbands, week-old bandaids or phones in pockets. Also, it's a good idea to remove watches unless you have an obvious tan line.

Toys. When packing toys for the session, remember that anything you bring along might become an unexpected star in the photos. 

Pets. If you're bringing your adorable fur baby to the session, don't forget to bring a trusty leash along for the ride. 

Have fun. The key to getting the most out of your photography session is to let loose, play, and have an absolute blast with your family. Remember, there's no pressure to do anything that you or your loved ones don't want to do. The more you embrace the experience and be present in the moment, the more naturally it will all unfold and authentic your images.

Top tip: Make sure everyone is aware that they don’t need to look at me unless I ask you to during the session. I will often prompt to encourage some fun movement to capture candid moments, not many involve smiling at the camera. 

As always, if you have any questions at all I am always here to help. You will receive a message from me the day before your session, with the start time with confirmed meeting location and drop pin for google maps. 

Jasmine x