Getting everyone on board ✨

Very often, I hear that kids or dads are sceptical about having their photos taken. I get it, unless you’re a model on the quiet, nobody knows what to do infront of the camera and that can seem scary! (FYI, Alex and Sophia in the photo, were very much on board and amazing to photograph.)

That’s why I’ve created a welcome guide, that I suggest you share with all adult attendees before the session. It prepares and reassures that it’s honestly not a chore or daunting experience. Very often, I chat, then observe, then prompt, giving encouragement and fun ideas that you are welcome to do - or not! I’ll never expect anything that you’re not comfortable with or doesn’t seem natural to you as a family. 

Kids often completely forget they’re being photographed within minutes. They are just buzzed to be on the beach late with mum and dad and soak up all the wonderful undivided attention, cuddles and games that I’ll encourage. 

I’m always just a quick message away if you have any concerns before our session. 

A lovely snippet from a review: “Despite my husband's reservations we recently had a family photo session with Jasmine. I wanted to capture some memories of our two boys at this age (2 and 5). The boys utterly adored Jasmine and it genuinely felt like we were just larking about with a friend during the session. Even my husband enjoyed it.” - AP

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My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.