5 Pretty generic facts about me

Here’s 5 fairly generic things about me, if you’re interested; 

1. I’m a summer solstice babe, I think this fuels my love the summer. Give me a warm balmy evening on a beach watching my kids splash around in the water, the waft of saltly seaweed and smoky bbq - the absolute dream. 

2. Food is life, I’m so passionate about preparing, cooking and most importantly eating food - especially with friends and family. I find it incredible how we can fuel our bodies with such amazing produce and it also genuinely pains me how dreadful some so called “foods” can be for us. I’m on a mission to learn even more, grow more, share more, buy more Organic, more local and even more whole foods this year and forwards after! 

3. I laugh, like a lot - I used to be concerned that It was a nervous laugh… but actually, turns out I just find a lot of things really funny and I’m very much a child at heart. I’ll be the first one to laugh at myself If I mess up or trip over - life is too bloody short to get embarrassed or take life too seriously. 

4. I’m extrovert - It seems a bit un-cool to admit these days… but hey ho. I love to chat, I love knowing peoples story, It can sometimes take me a good hour to get home from the school run (10 min walk) as I’ll stop and speak to anyone (Or a lot longer if I’ve been Coaxed into The Green). It sets my up for the day perfectly, especially if it’s a long one emailing and editing.

5. I love being a Mum. Again, seems a bit un-cool to say these days, but I’m obsessed with my kids, they come first in every decision I make, they’re bloody legends and they fascinate and inspire me every day. I honestly thought I’d have more than two (luckily time is on my side if I ever change my mind/if Phil manages to convince me @ppillar23), but I just wanna soak up every little ounce of them both. Doing things that I loved as a kid, with them, is now just doubly fun. 

Anyway, if you got through all of that, congrats! Drop me an email below if there’s anything you wanna tell me about you :)